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HotchipTechnology Group(Shenzhen Qianhai Exchange:660760), headquartered in the hot zone influenced by Shenzhen Qianhai Bay, Science & Technology Park and University Town, has been dedicating in developing domestic integrated circuit design, providing integrated circuit chips with high efficienty and low power consumpiton since 2008, our goal is to forge an advanced domestic IC supplier and an international brand. "Creative Green Smart Chip,Energizing the human life" is the development idealogy which has been held by Hotchip Group and its affiliates. Via vertical integration of industry chain and consistently promotion of company core competitivess, we have been breaking through technical barriers and monoply of foreign companies and well recognised by Internatinal renowned manufacturers. Balanced development has been guaranteed in advanced wafer manufacturering process, unique packaging technology and VLSI design, not only the production quality is guaranteed, but the product value is also widely expanded, and the best solution can be naturally delivered to all layers of customers. We created a "Red Cyclone" in field by releasing AC/ DC, DC/ DC, LDO, PMU, Motor Driver, Charging Management and Li-ion Battery Protection ICs. New sales record consistently been broken and plenty of industry miracles been created, with which base, mixed- signal integrated circuit technology is completely innovated through strategy cooperation and technolgy sharing with conventional Japanese, EU and US companies. In recent years, we have been investing promenently in AMOLED power supply solution  to realise the customization need after domestic AMOLED panel is commercialized, which is going to be another epochal major product; Currently, we are actively participating in the establishement of relevent standards and vertical R&D throughout the whole industry. We are also firmly expected to become the market and technolgy leader in this industry. We continuously create value by consistent technolgy innovation,meet customers' various needs by flexible service, and insist on win- win development model and forge internationally recogonised Sino-Chip togeter!

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